Project Updates

Project Address: 2550 32nd Avenue West, Seattle 98199. Located in Seattle’s Magnolia Neighborhood.

Project Number: 3034348-EG

Developer/Applicant: Security Properties

We have concluded EDG, with the West Design Review Board approving the massing design for a 7-story Living Building Pilot project. The first story will be a new 25,000 square foot Safeway grocery store with potential for 146 condominium homes above the store. No additional retail is proposed.

What's Next?

Master Use Permit

We have now incorporated the approved massing design into our architectural plans and have submitted for both a Master Use Permit (MUP) and a structural building permit. Now, the city will begin its analysis of the building based on zoning and environmental review, which includes utilities, traffic, parking, landmark qualification and other potential impacts resulting from the new development.

A land use sign will be posted on the site. Within a few days after it has been erected, the City will confirm dates for a 14-day comment period. There is no public meeting for the MUP process. To learn more about the MUP process, see this page on the City’s website

Recommendation Review

Concurrently, we are preparing for the second phase of Design Review called the Recommendation Review (REC). At this review, the Board determines how well the project meets the Board’s design guidance from EDG 3 and assesses the overall appearance such as the quality of materials, colors, streetscape, open space, landscaping and more.

Just like EDG, the Board can ask a project team to come back for further review on any design element within their purview, and the meetings are open to the public. Once the Board recommends a final design, the decision is forwarded to the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) Director, who writes a MUP decision, addressing all components of review. Typically this happens nine months after the Recommendation meeting.