Magnolia Albertsons Redevelopment

Sponsor: Security Properties | Architect: Bumgardner


Thanks for visiting our project website to learn more about our proposal to replace a 1950’s grocery store with a new urban grocery store in the Magnolia Village. It will be the first project with a grocery store and six-stories of condominium homes above to pursue the Living Building Challenge within the United States.

And we owe a lot of that precedent to the Magnolia community. We started meeting and talking about the site with community members in the Spring of 2019, resulting in a shared design journey.

Many of the building’s compelling features are outcomes of coffee conversations, community meetings, and neighbor engagement. Including the challenge to design a legacy building for the Village that prioritizes sustainability, models responsible development practices, and delivers a placemaking design.

Now that we have completed the City’s Design Review process, we are focused on the interior spaces and would once again like to hear from the Magnolia community and future home buyers. 

Your feedback is very appreciated!

Magnolia Village

To learn more about the Living Building Challenge, we encourage you to visit the International Living Future Institute. There are a few notable Seattle projects.

To learn more about our project, please peruse this site and if you still have questions, do not hesitate to email us on the Contact page form.