Magnolia Albertsons Redevelopment

Sponsor: Security Properties Development
Design Team: Bumgardner

Garage Access Feedback Survey

The design of this project is significantly impacted by how automobiles will enter and exit, especially since it includes a grocery store. Currently the project team is working on the circulation/garage access plan for the grocery store and residential parking. Until a decision is made, the design of the building (which includes height, bulk and scale) is still in the due diligence phase and not able to advance.

By default, the Seattle land use code guides garage entrances for new buildings to be sited in an alley, if an improved alley exists. This would mean that the entrance/exit for the underground parking for the grocery store and housing would be off the alley. We call this the City Code Default Option.

We have heard from community members, adjacent neighbors, civic organizations, and representatives at Catharine Blaine School who say they don’t want the garage access on the alley. There are a variety of underlying reasons, but the current preference is for access to the garage to be located on 32nd Avenue West.

Security Properties has the option to ask the City of Seattle to approve garage access from 32nd Avenue West rather than the alley. Before making that request, Security Properties wants to hear from the greater Magnolia community. This survey is solely to give the community a chance to provide feedback on the garage access location.

To understand the options, it’s important to note that there is 15 feet of grade change across the existing Albertsons site.


The highpoint is at the alley and the low point is at 32nd Avenue West. Garage parking will be below the store. If access to parking is off the alley, it will be necessary to drop approximately 25 feet to access the parking garage due to the slope. At that grade, the two-way ramp will circle similar to the curving ramps at the Sea-Tac airport parking garage.

Albertsons Preferred Option

  • Garage entrance/exit on 32nd Avenue West
  • Allows level access to convenient short-term and ADA surface parking
  • Allows for a public plaza on 32nd Avenue West

City Code Default Option

  • Garage entrance/exit on alley
  • Access will require a circular ramp, like SeaTac Airport
  • No level access to surface parking
  • Does not allow for a public plaza on 32nd Avenue West

This survey is limited to the circulation/garage access plan only. Voting for a specific access plan is not an endorsement for the proposed project. We hope that those who vote are residents of the Magnolia community so that the voting profile is representative of those who frequent the grocery store and live/work in proximity to the site.

We appreciate you taking the time to help inform the project team about this important issue. Any other questions can be sent to the team via the comment section on this website. We anticipate that this survey will be active for two to three weeks.